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Top 5 Characteristics of the Right Dentist in Milpitas

January 2, 2018

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So you’ve decided that this is the year for you and your family to rekindle your oral health. You want to find a dentist to meet your varied needs, but you’re wondering, “How do I identify the right professional?” You need to know the basic traits to be on the lookout for when deciding on the right dentist in Milpitas. Therefore, you will feel confident and comfortable every time you and your family go for visits. Continue reading to learn what these traits are.


Dentist in Milpitas Has Tips to for Your Leftover Halloween Candy

November 13, 2017

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Spilt bucket of Halloween candyHalloween is an exciting time of year for people of all ages, especially young children. Who does not love the scary decorations and creative costumes? Not to mention, there is candy galore. However, now that the holiday has come to pass, you probably still have quite a bit of candy and sweets laying around the house. While they are safe to eat in moderation, leaving them in your home can be too much of a temptation for you and your child. To protect your family’s teeth from candy and to get rid of the leftovers, your dentist in Milpitas has some creative ideas.

What Are Dental Crowns in Milpitas?

September 12, 2017

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three dental crownsWhen you were little, you probably wanted a crown. Your active imagination made you the king or queen of your own little world, and you needed the headgear to go with your position. As a grown-up, you might receive a different kind of crown — a dental crown. While it won’t make you feel like royalty, it can restore your oral health and protect the tooth under it. What exactly are dental crowns in Milpitas, and why might someone need one?


Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants in Milpitas?

August 7, 2017

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woman with implants smilingDo you have gaps in your smile? Or are you missing molars, making it difficult for you to enjoy your favorite foods? Life without a mouth full of teeth can be inconvenient and unpleasant. While there are several options that can help restore your smile, dental implants in Milpitas might be the solution that gets you back to smiling brightly and chewing enthusiastically. Implants could be right for you if you meet the following criteria.


Why It’s Time to Schedule a Visit with a Dentist in Milpitas

July 27, 2017

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Your dentist in Milpitas practices great preventive care.Despite the occasional morning that you need a rush of caffeine as soon as you wake up, most patient’s start their day with their dental routine. Typically, this includes brushing, flossing, even swishing around some refreshing mouthwash—just how any dentist would recommend. Even with the best dental routine at home, it’s critical to visit your dentist in Milpitas at least every six months to maintain good oral and general health. California Happy Teeth offers preventive dental services that are centered around each patient’s individual needs. Our goal is to help you reach and maintain your optimal oral health.


5 Optimal Oral Health Tips from a Dentist in Milpitas

June 23, 2017

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When’s the last time you visited your dentist in Milpitas?Most patients may not realize a healthy mouth directly correlates to a healthy body. You may have been improving how many times you work out a week, choosing better nutritious foods, and drinking more water if you’re neglecting your teeth and gums your health will never be optimal. Yes, those aspects are very important but so is a great dental hygiene routine—including visiting your dentist in Milpitas for semiannual appointments. In between then, heed these helpful dental tips from California Happy Teeth.


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