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Understanding Dental Emergencies

woman dental pain Do you know what to do when faced with a dental emergency? The truth is that many patients don’t know. That’s why your dentist in Milpitas and the rest of our dental team here at California Happy Teeth know that it’s so important to provide dental emergency service and advice for all of our patients.

What is a Dental Emergency?

woman dental pain The bottom line to remember is this: any pain occurring in or around your mouth should be considered a dental emergency. This especially goes for damaged areas from trauma or infection. But, there are two ways to classify dental emergencies that can make them easier to handle.

Urgent Dental Emergencies

The following are accidents that your emergency dentist in Milpitas should address right away:

Most patients would assume to go to the emergency room if they’re in pain. In most cases involving the mouth, your ER nurses and doctors may end up referring you to a dentist depending on your dental problem.

Non-Urgent Emergencies

If you experience one of these dental emergencies, you have more time to handle them than with an urgent dental emergency. You can take the time to schedule an appointment that fits into your schedule rather than rushing to our office.

How to Handle a Dental Emergency Until You Visit Our Office

woman stressed Here’s the best bit of advice that California Happy Teeth Family Dentistry has to offer when it comes to emergencies: STAY CALM. When you’re level headed, you can remember these helpful tips from Dr. Sharma:

If you ever experience a dental accident, it’s important to know that your dental team here at California Happy Teeth Family Dentistry is here for you. Follow our simple dental emergency tips and contact us for specific advice until you can make it to our office. We look forward to being there for you when you truly need us.

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