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Learn About the Differences That Dental Implants in Milpitas Can Make

Have you been living without your teeth? If so, then you’re aware that life isn’t the same. Simple activities like eating and speaking become a chore and a possible cause of anxiety when you’re without a full set of teeth. Thankfully, there is a form of replacement that is unmatched in its effectiveness and sturdiness – dental implants in Milpitas. Learn why this is the gold standard for replacing missing teeth.


When teeth are missing, the surest form of replacement occurs at the root level, and that’s what is offered with dental implants. The titanium posts are inserted beneath the gumline and attached to the underlying bone.

Over time, they fuse with the same through a natural process called osseointegration. This is made possible because titanium is considered to be biocompatible, meaning your body is less likely to reject it.

After sufficient healing, an abutment (which is typically made from titanium as well) is attached and acts as a connecting piece between the implant and a final restoration. Once the crown, implant-supported bridge or dentures are attached, you’ll be left will a completely replaced set of teeth and beautifully-restored functionality.


Patients who receive dental implants are able to enjoy the following advantages:


While the dental implant process is the best form of tooth replacement currently available, it can only be effective if completed in a timely fashion. That’s because the process relies on there being enough healthy bone available for the implant to properly seat.

So to find out whether you are eligible for dental implants and to take advantage of a chance to be fully restored, it’s best to reach out to your dentist in Milpitas to schedule a consultation today.

About the Author

A graduate of the Government College of Dentistry in Indore, India, Dr. Sumity Sharma is a California Dental Board-licensed dentist. Throughout her career, she has maintained a focus on delivering compassionate and comprehensive care, while using the latest in state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Sharma helps patients regain a normal life by replacing their missing teeth with dental implants, and she can be reached for more information through her website.

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