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Bad Breath? A Dentist in Milpitas Has 3 Tips to Help!

Have you noticed none of your coworkers wants to sit next to you at work meetings? Or perhaps your loved ones are less than eager to hug you when saying goodbye? If it seems like everyone it keeping you at arm’s length, bad breath could be the reason. Whether you love eating garlicky foods or are experiencing dry mouth, a smelly breath can produce awkward encounters and be a major source of embarrassment. If you want to keep your breath fresh, be sure to read the following 3 tips from a dentist in Milpitas.


Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath, is often caused by poor dental habits. If you do not brush and floss every day, tiny bits of food can remain stuck in your teeth and promote the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Persistent bad breath may be a warning sign of gum disease and should be treated by a dental professional.

Bad breath can also develop when your mouth does not produce enough saliva, which naturally cleans the mouth and keeps it moist. Dry mouth, medically called xerostomia, causes bacteria to build up in your mouth, leading to bad breath.

Other serious diseases and illnesses, such as pneumonia, chronic sinus infections and acid reflux can also cause bad breath.


Going about your day with bad breath can be awkward and uncomfortable both for you and those around you. Follow these 3 tips to keep your fresh breath and interactions pleasant:

By brushing thoroughly every day, keeping your mouth moist with saliva and avoiding certain smelly foods you can keep your breath smelling nice and fresh.


Patients of all ages are welcome at California Happy Teeth Family Dentistry, where the dentist and staff are dedicated to providing high-quality service in a friendly, low-pressure environment. If you are struggling with persistent bad breath and wondering “is there a dentist near me?”, contact the team at California Happy Teeth Family Dentistry via their website or by calling +1 408-769-5868.

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