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Why It’s Time to Schedule a Visit with a Dentist in Milpitas

Despite the occasional morning that you need a rush of caffeine as soon as you wake up, most patient’s start their day with their dental routine. Typically, this includes brushing, flossing, even swishing around some refreshing mouthwash—just how any dentist would recommend. Even with the best dental routine at home, it’s critical to visit your dentist in Milpitas at least every six months to maintain good oral and general health. California Happy Teeth offers preventive dental services that are centered around each patient’s individual needs. Our goal is to help you reach and maintain your optimal oral health.


When you review dentistry in the past, most small villages—even cities—had a handful of professionals that were called upon to address dental problems. That’s just the thing: dental problems were addressed when they were in the late stages of causing pain. They weren’t prevented.

With advancements in dentistry, a standard rule of thumb has come about. Doctors, scientists, and dentists alike preach the importance of visiting a local dental practice every 6 months. Of course, this standard can vary for each patient depending on their dental hygiene habits, medical conditions, and lifestyle choices.


If a patient has a consistent history of dental problems—or even if they have a history of problems in their family—they may need to visit the dentist more often to have their mouth examined. Many complications simply aren’t caught by the untrained eye in their preliminary stages.  Dr. Sumity Sharma can spot current and future health problems that you cannot feel when they begin to develop.

In fact, your overall health is directly correlated to your dental health. You may want to consider visiting your dentist more often than twice a year if you’re considered to be a “high-risk” dental patient. High-risk patients have more chances of developing gum disease, oral cancer or have a low immune system which makes them more likely to have health problems. Some examples of high-risk patients may be pregnant women, smokers, or avid drinkers. Not only may you be at risk for developing dental diseases with these habits and conditions, but your overall health could be at risk as well.


If your goal is to achieve and maintain great oral health, your first step is to visit California Happy Teeth. During your dental appointments, you can expect Dr. Sharma to listen to your concerns, complete much-needed dental work, and communicate a plan of action to continue until your next appointment.

Each visit will start with a meticulous check of your oral tissues, gums, mouth, neck, and head area. Your dentist checks this whole area to stay two steps ahead of major health issues like large lymph nodes on your neck (sign of oral cancer). We’ll also look for dysfunctional TMJ movement, lesions, and signs of other diseases.

After your checkup, your dentist will thoroughly clean between and along every tooth. The point of a professional cleaning is to remove hardened plaque, bacteria, and other debris that’s impossible to remove during your daily dental routine. These cleaning significantly reduce your chances of developing serious diseases, decay, and tooth loss.


Instead of waiting until a dental problem and calling on a “dentist near me” like you’re stuck in another century, become familiar with Dr. Sharma and our friendly office team. One of the best things about visiting your dentist is knowing that you have a professional that cares about your teeth as much as you do. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!

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