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Your Dentist in Milpitas Says Don’t Waste Your Dental Insurance

November 8, 2018

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dental insurance form glasses penBefore the end of the year rushes closer, you’re taking inventory of the previous months. You want to know whether you’ve gotten all you can from the investments you’ve made into your oral health. You’ve paid a monthly throughout the year for dental insurance, but have you gotten all you can from it? If not, then your dentist in Milpitas encourages you to take advantage of a preventive care visit before the year ends. Find out the benefits as you read on!


For a Tooth Abscess, See an Emergency Dentist in Milpitas

October 7, 2018

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dental patient in painIf you’ve ever had a toothache, then you know the pain can be excruciating. In some cases, the pain you feel is caused by more than just your tooth. An abscess is an infection at the root of a tooth or between the root and the surrounding gum tissue. This infection can be quite serious—even life threatening—and, therefore, demands urgent care. If you or a loved one has a toothache, don’t play the waiting game. Contact an emergency dentist in Milpitas for immediate diagnosis and treatment.


Dentist in Milpitas Explains Five Genetic Oral Health Issues

September 5, 2018

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A mother and daughter hugging.Every dentist tells their patients to commit to a strict oral care regimen, keep a balanced diet and visit them every six months for cleanings and exams. Unfortunately, sometimes oral health issues can appear even if you stick to these habits. As a result, you may need to visit more often or take additional measures to prevent certain dental disease.

So, what oral health issues can be tied to your genetic predisposition? Keep reading to find out from a dentist in Milpitas!


Your Dentist in Milpitas Explains How Long Fillings Normally Last

August 14, 2018

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tooth colored filling dental bondingA dental filling is a way to restore a tooth that has suffered damage from decay back to its proper function and shape. There are several different options for fillings, but the most aesthetically pleasing is the tooth-colored kind. You’re wondering, though, “How long will it last?” Your dentist in Milpitas weighs in to answer that question as you read on.


Bad Breath? A Dentist in Milpitas Has 3 Tips to Help!

July 18, 2018

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Coworker bad breathHave you noticed none of your coworkers wants to sit next to you at work meetings? Or perhaps your loved ones are less than eager to hug you when saying goodbye? If it seems like everyone it keeping you at arm’s length, bad breath could be the reason. Whether you love eating garlicky foods or are experiencing dry mouth, a smelly breath can produce awkward encounters and be a major source of embarrassment. If you want to keep your breath fresh, be sure to read the following 3 tips from a dentist in Milpitas.

Top 5 Reasons Your Gums Are Bleeding From a Dentist in Milpitas!

May 18, 2018

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Toothbrush and blood in the sinkThere you are, doing your nightly brushing routine, when you go to spit in the sink and notice…blood. Eek! You figure that blood can’t be a good sign, and you’re not sure why it’s happening or how to prevent it. Since bleeding gums are the first sign of gum disease, it’s always a good idea to see a dentist in Milpitas for an evaluation so they can assess your gums and recommend the appropriate treatment. Having said that, gum disease isn’t always the culprit, so keep reading to learn about five of the most common reasons your gums might be bleeding. Some of them may surprise you!


Fillings from Your Dentist in Milpitas Protect Your Smile!

March 15, 2018

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happy dental patientIf you’re fortunate enough to have never needed a filling, that’s great! Genetics and good habits have given you a smile that’s stronger than the average Joe’s. Most of us, however, have at least a few fillings in our mouth because, well, life happens — and it happens in a big way to our teeth. Let’s take a moment to consider the marvels of fillings and how your dentist in Milpitas uses them to protect that gorgeous grin of yours.


Top 5 Characteristics of the Right Dentist in Milpitas

January 2, 2018

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dentist office instruments and drawers

So you’ve decided that this is the year for you and your family to rekindle your oral health. You want to find a dentist to meet your varied needs, but you’re wondering, “How do I identify the right professional?” You need to know the basic traits to be on the lookout for when deciding on the right dentist in Milpitas. Therefore, you will feel confident and comfortable every time you and your family go for visits. Continue reading to learn what these traits are.


Dentist in Milpitas Has Tips to for Your Leftover Halloween Candy

November 13, 2017

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Spilt bucket of Halloween candyHalloween is an exciting time of year for people of all ages, especially young children. Who does not love the scary decorations and creative costumes? Not to mention, there is candy galore. However, now that the holiday has come to pass, you probably still have quite a bit of candy and sweets laying around the house. While they are safe to eat in moderation, leaving them in your home can be too much of a temptation for you and your child. To protect your family’s teeth from candy and to get rid of the leftovers, your dentist in Milpitas has some creative ideas.

What Are Dental Crowns in Milpitas?

September 12, 2017

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three dental crownsWhen you were little, you probably wanted a crown. Your active imagination made you the king or queen of your own little world, and you needed the headgear to go with your position. As a grown-up, you might receive a different kind of crown — a dental crown. While it won’t make you feel like royalty, it can restore your oral health and protect the tooth under it. What exactly are dental crowns in Milpitas, and why might someone need one?


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